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Pastoral Leadership Training
"Equipping the Equippers"

Equipping the Equippers PLT 2023.png

May 9, 2023


Dear Pastors, Elders & Leaders:


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Since coming to the US, I have traveled from coast to coast and everywhere I went the Lord was showing me the great need to “Equip the Equippers”. Many pastors and leaders have had no formal training and are doing their best to teach and preach the Word of God to the body of Christ. Both Bhutanese and Nepali pastors and leaders have told me that their greatest need is leadership training, especially since they have no mentors or formal training. I believe now is the time to teach and train our precious brothers and sisters in the Lord. For these reasons we have set aside August 22-26, 2023 as a Pastoral Leadership Training “Equipping the Equippers”. This special training is specifically designed for pastors, elders and leaders in the church ministry.


Anointed and well experienced pastors and leaders will teach and minister to you on church related and pastoral issues. They will also teach you how to help the disciples of Christ in your church to come to maturity and then be able to disciple and mentor others in Christ.


The non-refundable early bird registration fee is $100 until August 4, 2023. Included in your $100 registration are all materials and 3 meals and snacks per day. We also have a day that we are planning an outing with a picnic and barbecue as well as a special worship event. A VBRO home in Grand Forks has been reserved where those of you coming from long distances can stay. (This VBRO is not for Fargo/Moorhead or driving distance participants) The cost of the VBRO will be divided among the participants who stay there and will be determined once we know how many will commit to staying at the house. When you register, a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot at the VBRO will be charged. The total cost to stay at the VBRO will be anywhere from $150-$250 per person for 5 days/nights. We need to have a commitment to stay at the house no later than August 4, 2023. At that time, we will have a better idea of the amount per person for housing. This home has 12 beds and two bathrooms. You can register for this training online at under the Nepali Section, then click on Special Events tab. If you register August 5th or later the cost is $150.00. You must register to attend due to limited space.


On Saturday, August 26, 2023, as we end our training with a special graduation ceremony, we will celebrate our unity in Christ with a special time of worship. We are debuting a new worship song project entitled "One in Christ." Seven new worship songs will be presented by an ensemble of singers and musicians from various churches and will be made available for use in all Bhutanese and Nepali churches. This special time of worship is open to all and a meal will follow.


In Christ,

Dr. Richard Suberi, Pastor

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